Increase big-ticket treatment conversions



Grow patient base and loyalty



Streamline dental team management. Attain growth and excellence goals



Enriching patient experience and Improving patient satisfaction



Managing Business and Financial systems with help on DBM software


100 Role Play Topics

36 Topics With Dates
For Live Session

2 Day Offline Chris Barrow Program Itinerary

Why Attend Dental Business Masters 9.0?

In this rapidly evolving dental landscape, staying ahead requires constant adaptation and growth. Dental Business Masters 9.0 is meticulously crafted to equip you with practical insights and actionable strategies to overcome challenges and lead your practice to unprecedented success. Here's what you can expect from this event:


Role Play-Based Sessions

Experience live business challenges, watch trainers tackle dental issues through role plays, and learn effective solutions.


Comprehensive Topics

Increase big-ticket treatment conversions. Grow patient base and loyalty. Streamline dental team management. Attain growth and excellence goals.


Interactive Q&A Sessions

Engage in presentations, ask questions in interactive Q&A. Experts offer tailored guidance for your challenges.


Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Network with peers, experts, and professionals. Share, exchange ideas, and build enriching relationships for your dental practice journey.


Exclusive Mentorship Opportunities

Dental Business Masters 9.0: Beyond an event, it's your gateway to ongoing mentorship, exclusive resources, and continued practice success.


Exclusive Discount & Benefits

Exclusive offers for joining Dental Business Masters 9.0 - a series of offline classes and mentoring sessions to ensure you remain abreast with the latest in the industry.


Access to Chris Barrow Show

Gain access to a wealth of knowledge and insights from Chris Barrow. Stay updated with the latest trends and practices in the dental profession.


Access to DenTTrack Platform

Your one-stop solution for easy business management. With Denttrack, you can streamline your operations and ensure your practice is always up to standard.


Access to Training Program

Learn the best practices for managing a successful dental practice. Stay ahead with ongoing training on the latest dental practices.

how much would it cost?

Price : Rs. 10,000 + GST Per Month for 12 months

Unlock a value-packed experience at an unbeatable 20% Deduction by making complete advance payment. Dive into sessions, networking, and delightful lunches, all covered under this offer. Secure your spot today and make the most of every moment.

Book your place now by paying a commitment fee (non-refundable) of Rs. 10,000 + GST.

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Who Should Attend?

Dental Business Master 9.0 is tailored for dental practitioners, practice owners, specialists, and dental management professionals who aspire to elevate their practice to new heights of productivity and profitability. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the dental industry, this event offers invaluable insights for all.

  • # Dental Practitioners
  • # Practice Owners
  • # Dental specialists
  • # Dental Management Professionals

12th To 13th November 2023 | Goa

Who Should Not Attend?

Dental Business Masters 9.0 may not be the best fit for dentists who are already content with their current situation, prefer to work solo without involving their team, have dreams but are hesitant to act on them, or are resistant to embracing new technology and innovative thinking. If you're comfortable with the status quo, prefer to maintain full control, hesitate to act on your dreams, or resist adopting a growth mindset, this event might not align with your current needs. However, we believe that every dental professional can benefit from a fresh perspective and new ideas, and we encourage all to consider the potential growth and success that could come from stepping outside of their comfort zone.

  • # Content Dentists
  • # Solo Dentists
  • # Inactive Dreamers
  • # Tech-resistant Dentists

About The Speakers


Dr Manish Chitnis

Dr. Manish Chitnis is an accomplished dentist with 27 years of experience. He holds qualifications including BDS, IQE (UK), MFGDP (London), and MFDS (Glasgow), along with expertise in Dental Business Management from Bristol.

After gaining experience in India and the UK, Dr. Chitnis established Dental Concepts, a thriving practice with multiple locations in the UK and India. These advanced centers are equipped with cutting-edge technology like CT scanners, lasers, and 3D scanners. His expertise includes dental implants, smile designing, and Comprehensive Invisalign treatment.
Apart from his successful practice, he's dedicated to education, offering training programs for dentists on clinical governance, dental business best practices, and patient journey optimization. He co-founded Dental Business Masters (DBM), a global business management program for dentists, and has expanded his practice into the beauty and lifestyle sector.
Beyond dentistry, Dr. Chitnis is an avid table tennis player, an adventurer who completed a desert survival expedition in Oman, and a philanthropist who has run marathons for charity. He's a proud father and husband, with his wife, Shilpa, who co-owns Dental Concepts, and their beloved dogs, 'Coco' and 'Bailey'.


Mr Chris Barrow

Chris has been in full-time employment for 49 years. He has operated his own businesses for 32 years and has been a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to the UK dental profession for 23 years.

Known for his directness, assertiveness, and determination, Chris is quick to reach conclusions and possesses the agility to innovate and push boundaries. As a speaker, he is dynamic, energetic, and charismatic.
Chris spent the first 17 years of his working life in the corporate sector and followed this with 30+ years of business ownership. The different dynamics of both worlds have given him the valuable gift of knowing how to operate – and communicate – in both. In 1993, Chris transitioned to business coaching and became one of the first UK students at Coach University, graduating as a certified coach. His own day to day work as Coach Barrow with The Extreme Business programmes is why still focused on strategic coaching with the owners of dental practices and micro-corporates. Recognising an opportunity in the dental profession, he created The Dental Business School (DBS) in 1997 and developed a 12-month business coaching program for dental practice owners and their teams, which was delivered to over 1000 UK dental practices over the next decade.

About DBM

Welcome to DBM - Your Pathway to Dental Excellence. Our vision is crystal clear: exceptional patient care, a stress-free team environment, and unprecedented growth. We're not just about building another brand, we're about creating a legacy of satisfaction.

DBM thrives on unity, uniting dental professionals in a community that's committed to patient well-being. We understand that superior patient care involves intricate steps, seamlessly woven into our daily routine. We strengthen your practice's core, fostering efficiency and resilience.

At DBM, we grasp the essence of customer influence, reshaping business paradigms. Our proven systems enhance efficiency, transforming practices into thriving hubs of productivity. With us, you're not just embracing excellence you're sculpting a masterpiece of dental innovation.


What Dentists Had To Say

Dr Sumit Bhatnagar & Dr Sweety Bhatnagar

DBM means DEDICATED BRILLIANT MENTORS MANISH CHITNIS sir, SAMEER BHANDARI sir and RAJEEV VERMA sir .Thank you for teaching us so many strategies for upgrading our dental practice . Happy to be part of DBM tribe since June 2018 and the journey still continues.

Few words to describe MANISH sir in his own terminology:(BUSINESS)::

I __Ingenious
N ___Nurturing
E ___Eccentric
S ___Stimulating

Dr Anand Jasani and Dr Rashmi Jasani

Heartfelt Thanks for Dental Business Master Conference. The past three days were nothing short of amazing. We not only learned from the brilliant speakers but also soaked in the shared experiences of fellow dentists from across India.

The insights gained, especially in less explored areas like Facial Aesthetic, Aligner, Dental Hygiene Kit Manufacture, School Paid Oral Screening Program, and Academy, have sparked a new wave of motivation for us. The conference has been a game-changer, and we’re eager to implement these learnings in our practice.

Thanks again for bringing together such a dynamic group of professionals. Looking forward to staying connected and sharing our progress.

Dr. Mridu Miglani

After having entered into Facial Aesthetics, I was showing hardly any interest in Dentistry. But now I feel Dentistry can’t be left, rather should not be left ..Rather Delegation is the word I am trying to imbibe and looking forward to much more inspirational insights from this wonderful DBM group of esteemed dentists.Thank you all.

Dr. Sanghamitra

Cheers to every young, Vibrant and super energetic DBM tribe. Thanks for the wonderful times together. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Dr. Shruti Goel

Excellent content over last 3 days. Great streaming. Thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes.

Dr. Vanita Kshirsagar

Superrr se Upperrr
Enthusiasm..Energy..Enjoy great 3 days content & live streaming...thank you all...
Thanks A Lot Manish Sir, Dr. Rajiv Verma, Dr. Ajit G. Shetty, Dr Aslam Inamdar, Dr. Sameer Bhandari and Mr.Krishna
And All DBMite offline & online.

Dr. Chandra Rekha

Amazing energy DBM tribe as always...👍great 3 days content & live streaming...thank you all...
Thank you Manish Sir, Dr. Rajiv Verma, Dr Aslam Inamdar, Dr. Sameer Bhandari and every DBMite in the group.

Dr. Jatin Patel

DBM Annual Meet Goa 2023: Elevating dentistry beyond boundaries!💡 - Where minds converged, Skills evolved, and Smiles transformed. Proud to stand among India's finest Dental minds, nurturing healthcare advancements and care.🦷✨From refining Communication Skills to Mastering Management, this event reshaped not just skills but the Essence of Dental care. Learning with pioneers, Enhancing Expertise, and creating paths to elevate Dental standards. A transformative experience! ✨Adding smiles to lives

Dr. Ramesh Selvam

Life is so Beautiful when God Blesses you with Good Hearted people who really care for you and Enjoy your Success as if they have succeeded !!! Dr. Manish Chitnis & Dr. Aslam Inamdar are few among them in our Life !!! REAL MENTORS SET A STANDARD AND THEY LIVE BY AN EXAMPLE ! THEY WALK THE TALK ! THEY STAY WITH YOU TO GUIDE TO EXCEL ! THEY MAKE AN IMPACT SO STRONG IN YOUR LIFE THAT WILL MAKE YOU DO WHAT THEY WANTED YOU TO DO !!! # A day with Dental Business Masters (DBM) @Goa ..what a fabulous first day with so much of Role plays in different Clinical scenarios !!!

Dr. Ravi Goyal

A heartfelt thank you to my incredible mentors, Dr. Manish Chitnis and Dr. Aslam! 🙏 Your guidance in dental coaching, Dr. Chitnis, has been a game-changer for my practice. Your wisdom, Dr. Aslam, in digital smile design has transformed the way I approach dentistry. With Dr. Chitnis' mentorship, I've not only honed my business skills but also witnessed remarkable growth. Dr. Aslam, your expertise in digital smile design has elevated my patients' experiences to new heights. I am immensely grateful for your support, knowledge, and dedication to our profession. Thank you for being the pillars of inspiration on my dental journey!

Dr. Sachin Shah

Who says Digital Dentistry is Future!! Yes DIGITAL DENTISTRY is Present…. We Witness at #DBM Annual Summit Goa 2023 , LETs TALK DIGITAL, field of Dentistry is no exception. Amazing Experience to be apart of DBM 8.0 Thank You Dr Manish Dr Aslam.

Dr. Yudhishtir Yadav

Connecting Dots @ DBM Goa diaries. DBM... A new chapter and beginning... A group of superior intellectual and like minded people... A leader Dr. Manish and Dr. Rajiv Verma who holds your hand and provides u direction to achieve your dreams.. Thanks Dr. Manish, charming hero of us Dr. Rajiv Verma & digital dentistry guru Dr. Aslam Inamdar sir for giving us this opportunity to learn and reflect... U r an inspiration to me.. Will assure u to implement (copy n paste ) your teachings and learnings from Monday onwards... Ur discipline, dedication, passion and the way u make others comfortable makes u a great great mentor.

Dr. Kapil Kalra

It's more about journey than destination,Life is a journey and what matters is how well you spend it and with whom,,.....What a wonderful day spent at GOA with the wonderful duo learning in depth about GROWTH and DIGITAL DENTISTRY.It becomes a blessing when learning becomes joyful with a wonderful tribe ....thank you Dr. Manish Chitnis and Dr. Aslam Inamdar for such a wonderful insight about the most important aspects of dentistry.

Dr. Amit Shah

Goa - fun and learning at its best. The land of beaches the land of fun, But we were glued to our seats and were on our bums, A mesmerising and thought out course, Its a choice u make and there’s no force, The digital way is the way to be, Life den moves ahead tension free. Get your practices to the next level, And den u’ll find yourself on the top level. A new age of dentistry is dawning and these mentors r here to guide us down the path of success.

Dr. Parag Kochar

Embracing a Journey of Passion and Growth in Goa! Just concluded an awe-inspiring dental mastery course that touched the depths of our hearts. Dr. Manish Chitnis illuminated the business side , shared systems he has adopted and developed over years of delivering quality dentistry in the UK. Meanwhile, Dr. Aslam, a true artisan, unveiled the beauty of predictable and biomimetic digital dentistry through Richsmiles. In the presence of Super Heroes of Dentistry like Dr. Rajiv Verma, Dr. Ajit Shetty, and Dr. Sanghamitra, alongside my better half Dr. Manisha Kochar, we became part of something profound. This experience isn't just about techniques; it's about a shared commitment to excellence. As we stand united, let's weave a tapestry of compassion and skill, elevating not just ourselves but the entire nation. Together, we'll make India a beacon of dental awareness and care. Join our tribe, fellow dentists, and let the symphony of passion resonate through every patient's smile.